I have taken the dose of 20 mg Lexapro for four years for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and depression. My doctor said that this drug may have side effects, such as:

  •    high fever,  very stiff muscles,  diarrhea,  fast or uneven heartbeats,sweating, tremors;
  •    trouble concentrating, fainting,shallow breathing;
  •    vomiting,nausea,loss of appetite,  loss of coordination, feeling unsteady; or
  •    feeling like you might pass out;
  •    headache, memory problems,  confusion,weakness, hallucinations, seizure.

Less serious side effects:

  •     insomnia;
  •     drowsiness,heartburn;
  •     dizziness;
  •     gas, constipation;
  •     weight changes;
  •     mild nausea;
  •     impotence,  decreased sex drive,yawning, difficulty having an orgasm; or
  •     upset stomach;
  •     ringing in your ears,dry mouth.

I had only one side effect, I was unable to achieve orgasm. Information about other drugs for treatment ED find here.

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