Side effects

leThe patient who use this drug(Lexapro) may have allergic reaction or side effects, we recommend get emergency medical help if you noticed:  hives/skin rash; swelling; difficulty breathing.
If you have strange symptoms, such as:  behavior or mood changes, panic attacks,  anxiety, trouble sleeping or if you feel  irritable, impulsive, hostile, agitated, aggressive, hyperactive (mentally or physically), restless  or have thoughts about suicide or more depressed.

Call your health care professional at once if you have:

  •     very stiff (rigid) muscles, sweating,high fever,diarrhea, tremors, feeling like you might pass out;
  •     nausea,  fast or uneven heartbeats, vomiting,  loss of appetite, loss of coordination, feeling unsteady;
  •     unusual risk-taking behavior, racing thoughts,  feelings of extreme sadness or happiness; or
  •     trouble concentrating,headache,  memory problems, confusion, weakness, hallucinations,seizure,  fainting,  breathing that stops or shallow breathing.

Common Lexapro side effects may include:

  •     drowsiness, tired feeling;
  •     insomnia;
  •     heartburn,mild nausea, upset stomach, gas, constipation;
  •     weight changes;
  •     increased sweating, difficulty having an orgasm;
  •     impotence, decreased sex drive.


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